The Team


2016-2017 LSU Powerlifting Team

2017 LSUPL Women's Team

2017 LSUPL Men's Team

Who are we?

The Powerlifting Team at LSU was founded in 1999 by a core group of 11 members. Through several years of hard work and dedication, LSU Powerlifting has grown to be one of the best teams in the country. We are proud of the nine National Championships (two Men’s Team titles, four Women’s Team titles, and three combined titles) we have earned and hope to continue this legacy. Though we have achieved great success over the years, we have not lost sight of the main purpose of our team: to mold our members into leaders and give them the opportunities and skills to grow as individuals. We hope that our lifters will take the tools and lessons they learn while with us to help them to be successful in their lives.

General Information

The statements and opinions included in the LSU Powerlifting Club pages are those of the LSU Powerlifting Club only. Any statements and opinions included in these pages are not those of Louisiana State University or the LSU Board of Supervisors.


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  1. I want some shirts. Let me know what I need to do to get them. I would like 3 large shirts. Who do I pay and I will.
    Geaux Tigers

  2. I am a powerlifter at Richwood High School in Monroe, Louisiana. I am a junior and would love to join this team if I get accepted into this college!

  3. Terri, the team does not currently provide powerlifting-specific scholarships, however, all LSU students in good standing are eligible for both need- and merit-based scholarships from the university.
    Geaux Tigers!

  4. Thanks for your interest in LSU Powerlifting, Sarah! We’d love to see you at our Fall 2017 tryout. Watch the website and social media pages for more updates on specific dates & times.
    Geaux Tigers!

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