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Unofficial Results & Team standings
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Thursday – Day 1

The Tigers got off to an incredible start in the first ever raw competition at Collegiate Nationals. Brittany Basco (Bri), two time All-American, won her first collegiate national championship in what turned out to be a very close women’s 43kg weight class. Knowing that she was lighter lifter and would be awarded the gold in case of a tie, Bri went for a 248 lb deadlift that would result in a tie in total with the Penn State lifter. A well fought deadlift resulted in a successful lift and the gold medal for Bri in her 3rd collegiate national meet. What most wouldn’t know about Bri is she was forced to take almost the entire fall semester off lifting due to injury. Her successful return to competitive lifting can only be attributed to her resolve and that resolve definitely rubbed off on her teammates as the meet unfolded. She became the first LSU raw collegiate national champion and the first LSU collegiate national champion since 2013. She also broke the team’s raw bench press, deadlift, and total records in the 43kg weight class. 12 points for the LSU women’s raw team.12994544_744136622390257_2961770585415957296_n

Another medalist was awarded in that first session as one of our newest members, Caroline Lasala, won the bronze medal in the women’s 47g weight class. Her fist meet was simply a qualifier so this was her first competitive meet on the biggest stage Collegiate powerlifting has to offer. Caroline did not miss any of her lifts and she has plenty of room to grow so expect her to dazzle some more in future meets. 8 more team points.12993345_744136772390242_7744390143560170880_n

Nicole Moise competed  in women’s 57kg class. She had a meet PR bench press and finished in 16th.

On the men’s side, Patrick Shamma, first year member, lifted in the 59kg weight class and scored 8 points for the men’s raw team with his bronze medal winning performance. Patrick made meet PRs in squat and deadlift, leading to a 55lbs total PR. All of those PRs happened to eclipse the current raw 59kg weight class records. Pat became the first men’s medalist in the new raw division at collegiate nationals.13000181_744136919056894_4473398371878727195_n

Also lifting Thursday morning was Cameron Ysidron. He tied a meet PR on bench press en route to a 12th place finish in the 66kg weight class.

The afternoon session saw two 1st year members, and a 2nd year, compete in the 83kg weight class. Timothy Thibodeaux totaled 1080lbs and finished in 31st. Dominic Russo set a new raw team record with 490lbs squat on his way to a 1290lbs total and a 10th place finish. Ruslan Biyalov with a team record bench press of 330lbs and a team record 1300lbs total scored 3 team points by placing 8th.

Day 1 Team Points

Raw Women – 12-9-1= 22 points
Raw Men – 8-3-1-1-1= 14 points

Friday – Day 2

The final day of the raw portion of the meet had 3 Tigers lifting in the morning and 4 in the afternoon.

Camille Hamilton hit meet PRs on every lift and finished in 5th place in the women’s 72kg class, scoring 6 more points for the team. She matched the team’s 72kg raw squat record of 314lbs. Kaleb Huckeba placed 38th in the men’s 93kg class. Austin Mauldin made huge squat and deadlift meet PRs on his way to finishing 23rd in the 93kg class. Cooper Lemoine placed 19th in the men’s 105kg class. Blake Shaw has PRs in all 3 lifts on his way to placing 23rd in the 105kg class.

Alexandria Benboe PR’ed in all 3 lifts and broke the team’s bench press, deadlift, and total record in the 84kg class. This was good enough for 2nd place and 9 points for the women’s team. Not to be outdone, Shatara Warner also broke the team’s bench press, deadlift, and total record, but in the 84+kg class. She also placed 2nd and earned 9 points. Kelly Yates had raw PRs in bench press and deadlift and placed 4th in the 84kg weight class. Raven Nichols hit a bench press PR and placed 5th in the 84+kg class.



In all, there were 12 women’s teams and 14 men’s team that entered the raw team competition. LSU women finished with 12-9-9-8-6= 44 points which was good enough for 2nd place in the inaugural raw competition at collegiate nationals! LSU men finished with 8-3-1-1-1= 14 points which placed 8th.


Saturday – Day 3

The traditional geared collegiate national competition began on Saturday. 

Blake Ricalde was first up for the men’s team in the morning session lifting in the 66kg class. He ended up with just a competition deadlift PR but improved his 5th place medal in 2015 to a 3rd place bronze in 2016. An early 8 points for the men.


Savannah Gray was looking to improve her 4th place finish in 2015 in the 52kg class. She PR’ed on bench press but her total resulted in an 8th place finish. Still, 3 points for the women’s geared team.

The afternoon session had Nicholas Anzalone in 74kg , Clinton “Bryce” Kinley in 83kg, and Travis Theall in 83kg, competing. Nick got a bench press PR and finished 3rd, winning a bronze medal and scoring 8 points. 12963736_745067048963881_7895076428233558582_n

Bryce hit a deadlift PR and finished in 15th place. Travis PR’ed on both squat and deadlift and placed 18th.

Day 1 Team Points

Geared Women – 3= 3 points
Geared Men – 8-8-1= 17 points

Sunday – Day 4

The final day saw our last five lifters compete. Lydia Chon competed in the 63kg class. While she posted meet PRs in bench press and deadlift, her failure in registering a legal squat resulted in her not registering a total. A few changes in approach and preparation and she will be back next year, lifting with an edge. Brandon Noble hit a bench PR on his way to an 18th place finish in the men’s 93kg class. Evan Foster had meet PR’s in squat and deadlift on his way to a 24th place finish in the 93kg class. 

In the afternoon, Ashley Gicas and Emily Fisher competed in the 84kg class. Emily posted competition PRs in both squat and deadlift and placed 15th. Ashley had a squat PR on way to an 8th place finish and 3 points

2 of LSU Powerlifting all-time great lifters also stepped up to the competition platform Sunday afternoon. Mitchell Fountain, silver medal winner at the 2015 collegiate nationals, was a heavy favorite to win the 105kg weight class in 2016. While winning was his main goal, surpassing a 2000 pound total was heavy on his mind. Mitchell posted the top weight in each lift in his weight class, broke the All-time LSU Powerlifting bench press and total record for his weight class, won his weight class by 140kg or 309 pounds, the largest margin of victory of any weight class in the meet, and most importantly to him, finished with a 907.5kg total, which converts to 2000.7 pounds. He tied the Collegiate total record which he still has 2-3 more years to break. On his last deadlift, he was pulling 772 pounds, which would of broken the Junior 105kg total record as well as the Collegiate record deadlift, currently held by former LSU Powerlifter, Malcolm Richard. He also attempted 365kg or 804 pounds on his 3rd attempt squat, which would have tied the Collegiate record which is held by former LSU Powerlifter, Pat Sutton. With Sub-Junior & Junior world’s approaching, he may eclipse these records by the end of the summer. A huge 12 points for the Tigers.


In the heaviest weight class was Timothy Johnson, the most senior member on the team and Men’s team captain. Tim was also a heavy favorite in his weight class but he did not hold back. After a dangerous fall on his 2nd squat attempt, with 804 pounds on the bar, he came back on his 3rd attempt and blasted back up, breaking the All-time LSU Powerlifting squat record for his weight class and tying the heaviest squat ever done by an LSU Powerlifter. He also unsuccessfully tried to break the collegiate deadlift record for the SHW class twice. Those misses on deadlift, added to the fall on squat and technical issues on bench press led to Tim posting a lower total this year than he did in 2015. He did win the SHW class by a margin of 127.5kg or 281 pounds and scored 12 more points for the men. This was Tim’s final meet as a LSU Powerlifter before graduation and it doesn’t get any better than going out on top!


In all, there were 10 women’s teams and 12 men’s teams entered into the geared team competition. LSU women finished with 3-3-1= 7 points which was 10th place. LSU men finished with 12-12-8-8-1= 41 points which won them 3rd place in the men’s geared division!



With another collegiate nationals behind us, the team now begins preparations for 2017 Collegiate Nationals that will be held in San Antonio, TX. We thank our 2015 sponsors, A7 Fitness and Katie’s Seafood Market for the support in making it possible for our entire team to travel to Nationals this year. If you or anyone you know of is interested in sponsoring the team and getting your logo on our website and apparel, please contact us by email or comment. If you are a lifter interested in joining, please contact us. Try-outs will be early in the Fall semester.

Geaux Tigers!

2015-16 members:

Women: Brittany B, Caroline L, Savannah G, Nicole M, Lydia C, Mallory S, Hannah G, Camille H, Alexandria B, Kelly Y, Emily F, Ashley G, Shatara W, Raven N

Men: Terry A, Patrick S, Cameron Y, Blake R, Nicholas A, Clinton K, Ruslan B, Dominic R, Travis T, Timothy T, Austin M, Brandon N, Evan F, Kaleb H, Mitchell F, Cooper L, Blake S, Cory T, Timothy J

Coaches: Ariel Parker, Kayli Alphonso, Conor Sullivan, Alvin Roswell


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