2015 Louisiana Collegiate Regionals Highlights

11/21/15, Abbeville HS

LSU Results

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Collegiate Regionals has been our first meet of the school year for many years. It allows us and our usual regional opponents, Texas A&M and ULL, to get qualifications for nationals out of the way early for new members.  This year, most of our new members ended up competing and a few of our veteran lifters put up some nice early season totals. Many state records were taken by Tiger and Lady Tiger powerlifters and many new team records were set. A recap of all the records broken follow:

  • Patrick Shamma took over the vacant team, state collegiate, and state junior records for the raw 59kg weight class. He also broke the state open deadlift and total records.
  • Cameron Ysidron broke the squat team record in the raw 66kg weight class. He also broke the squat, deadlift and total state records for the Teen 3 age division.
  • Clinton “Bryce” Kinley, lifting equipped, broke the state Teen 3 bench press record.
  • Landon Chastant, lifting equipped, broke the team bench press record in the 93kg weight class. He also increased his state collegiate deadlift and total records. He won Male Best Lifter in the collegiate portion of the meet by achieving a 487 wilks score.
  • Cooper Lemoine broke the state collegiate squat, bench press, and total records in the raw 105kg weight class
  • Cory Treloar took the vacant state collegiate records in the 120kg weight class. He also broke the state junior squat and bench press records.
  • Nicole Moise took the vacant records in the raw 57kg weight class.
  • Lydia Chon broke the state teen 3 record for squat, deadlift, and total in the raw 63kg weight class. She also broke the team raw squat record.
  • Camile Hamilton broke the team, state collegiate, and state teen 3 records in squat for the raw 84kg weight class.
  • Alexandria Benboe broke the team, state collegiate, and state teen 3 records in bench press, deadlift, and total for the raw 84kg weight class.
  • Shatara Warner broke the team and state collegiate record in deadlift for the raw 84+kg weight class.

Alumni members Garrett Bottesy Bailey and Ariel Parker competed in the afternoon open session of the meet. Bottesy lifted in the Raw and Equipped division in the 93kg weight class. Lifting raw, he squatted 245kg, bench pressed 165kg, and deadlifted 315kg. His 725kg total placed him 1st in both the raw and equipped division in the 93kg weight class. He also won the raw and equipped best lifter award after achieving a wilks score of 456. Ariel competed in the raw 84kg weight class. Her squat of 165kg, bench press of 100, and deadlift of 177.5, gave her a 442.5kg total, good enough for 2nd place.


Raw Nationals

A few lifters with LSU ties competed at the Raw national championship meet held from October 15-18 in Scranton, PA.

Current member, Hannah Ghindea, squatted 142.5kg, bench pressed 70kg, and deadlifted 175kg, resulting in a 387.5kg total. This placed her 3rd in the junior division and 13th in the open division of the 72kg weight class.
Her squat, deadlift, and total broke the previous team records in the raw 72kg weight class.

Alumni members Jordan Robelot and Garrett Bottesy Bailey also competed. Jordan finished with a 137.5kg squat, 82.5kg bench press, and 137.5kg deadlift, resulting in a 357.5kg total and a 23rd place finish in 72kg open division. Bottesy finished with a 245kg squat, 160kg bench press, and 320kg deadlift, totaling 725kg and placing 4th in the junior division and 9th in the open division of the 93kg weight class.

Our next meet, the Louisiana State Championships, will be January 16th on the campus of ULL. Lifting will begin at 10am. For more info, go to the 2016 Local & National Meets page.


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