Powerlifting truly has no offseason as the best of the best have to train year round to stay on top. We trust our members to train during seasonal breaks from school and support the members who choose to compete over summer break. This summer, we had a few current and alumni members compete locally, nationally, and internationally. Here are some results from Tiger Powerlifters, past, present and potentially future, from summer competitions.

PR –> personal record
LSUPLR –> LSU Powerlifting Record

IPF RAW Classics Powerlifting World Championships, June

Following her 1st year as a Lady Tiger powerlifter, Hannah Ghindea traveled to Salo, Finland and lifted in the Junior Women’s 72kg division.

Squat- 297.62 lbs PR
Bench Press- 143.30 lbs
Deadlift- 374.79 lbs PR LSUPLR
Total- 815.71 lbs PR LSUPLR

Placing- 4th in Total, 3rd in deadlift

2015 Summer Showdown, June

LSU alumnus (’14), Garrett Bailey, competed in three events over the course of two days in Atlanta, Georgia. Day 1, he competed in the Raw Junior and Open divisions of the Full Power, 3 lift competition. Day 2, he competed in the Raw Junior and Open divisions of the Deadlift only competition and immediately after competed in the Equipped Junior and Open divisions of the Deadlift only competition. Placings were determined using Wilks coefficients.

Raw Full Power
Squat- 545.64 lbs

Bench Press- 380.30 lbs
Deadlift- 727.53 lbs
Total- 1653.47 lbs
Placing- 1st Raw Junior, 3rd Raw Open Heavyweight

Raw Heavyweight Deadlift Only
722.01 lbs, 1st Junior, 2nd Open

Equipped Heavyweight Deadlift Only
738.55 lbs, 1st Junior, 3rd Open


13th NAPF North American Regional Powerlifting Championships, July

After finishing 2nd in the 43kg class at Collegiate Nationals, Brittany Basco, traveled to Moose Jaw, Canada and lifted in the Equipped Junior Women’s 43kg and Equipped Open Women’s 47kg weight class at 42.32kg body-weight.

Squat- 198.42 lbs
Bench Press- 99.21 lbs
Deadlift- 264.55 lbs
Total- 562.18 lbs

Placing- 1st in Junior 43kg, 2nd in Open 47kg

USAPL Summer Power Fest, July

LSU alumna (’14), Jordan Robelot, competed in Houston, Texas in the Women’s Raw Open 72kg weight class.

Squat- 292.11 lbs PR
Bench Press- 176.37 lbs PR
Deadlift- 286.60 lbs
Total- 755.08 lbs

Placing- 2nd in Junior, 4th in Open

2015 USAPL Ohio State Championships, July

Fresh off their first year as LSU powerlifters, Hannah Ghindea(72kg) and Kelly Yates(84kg), competed in Columbus, Ohio in the Women’s Raw Open division.

Squat- 303.14 lbs PR LSUPLR
Bench Press- 143.30 lbs
Deadlift- 369.27 lbs
Total- 815.71 lbs
Place- 1st Junior, 3rd Open

Squat- 225.97 lbs
Bench Press- 132.28 lbs
Deadlift- 341.72 lbs PR LSUPLR
Total- 699.97 lbs
Place- 1st Junior, 6th Open


Louisiana Summer Classic, July

LSU alumnus (’15), Conor Sullivan, competed in Abbeville, Louisiana in the Men’s Equipped Open 83kg weight class.

Squat- 628.32 lbs PR
Bench Press- 424.39 lbs PR
Deadlift- 611.78 lbs PR
Total- 1664.48 lbs PR

Placing- 1st Equipped


USAPL Bench Press Nationals, August

LSU alumni, Jordan Robelot (’14) and Alvin Roswell (’14) competed in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Jordan competed in the Raw Women’s Open 72kg weight class and Alvin competed in the Raw Men’s Open 120+kg weight class.

Jordan – 187.39 lbs PR
Placing- 2nd


Alvin – 501.55 lbs PR
Placing- 2nd

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 8.05.32 AM


Louisiana High Schoolers at Worlds!

A special congratulations to the LHSAA athletes that competed at the 2015 IPF World Sub Juniors and Juniors Powerlifting Championships held in Prague, Czech Republic

Ashley Mitchell of Alexandria Senior High, totaled a new world sub junior record of 761.70 lbs, winning Gold in the sub junior 43kg weight class!
She also broke the world sub junior deadlift record by pulling 326.28 lbs on her last deadlift!!!

China Storks of Lutcher High School, totaled 1085.78 lbs, winning Gold in the sub junior 84kg+ weight class!

Shawn Warren of Covington High School, totaled 1267.77 lbs, placing 4th in the sub junior 66kg weight class!

Tyran Garrett of Covington High School, totaled 1592.84 lbs, winning Silver in the sub junior 83kg weight class!

Former LSU powerlifting individual & team national champion Allegra Hudson, who currently lifts at UTSA, won Silver in the junior 47kg weight class!

Congrats to all! 


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