Official Results


The men started day 1 off strong when Jonathan Blood, competing in the 130lb weight class Friday morning, squatted a PR of 429lbs and deadlifted 441lbs on the way to a 1080lb total and 6th place, securing 5 points for the team. Friday afternoon, Blake Ricalde competed in the 145 lb weight class. Blake trains at a much higher weight then he competes at but for 145lbs he set a competition PR by squatting 535lbs. His total of 1,339lbs was good enough for 5th place, scoring 6 points for the team. Look for Blake to challenge our team records in the 66kg and 74kg weight class real soon!

On day 2, it was the team president’s, Conor Sullivan, turn to take to the platform. Battling back from injuries and a bomb out on squat in 2014, Conor went 3-3 on squat, hitting a PR of 606lbs. He also set PRs of 408lbs on bench and 584lbs on deadlift, leading to a 1598lb total and a 5th place finish, adding another 6 points to the team total.

By day 3, everyone is tired from helping out from 7am-10pm for 2 straight days. However, that didn’t stop Tim and Mitchell from putting on the two best performances of the meet for the LSU men. In the morning, Mitchell Fountain broke the American Record for the 18-19 year old age division in the 231lb weight class by squatting a PR of 744lbs. He totaled 1901lbs and placed 2nd, scoring 9 critical points. With that total, not only did Mitchell break Malcolm Richard’s team record in the 231 weight class, he also broke the 18-19 year old age division American record in the 231lb weight class by 99lbs! Did I mention he is just a freshmen?! In the last session of the meet, Men’s team captain Tim Johnson was the only Tiger lifting and the concentrated support from the Tiger faithful paid off. Tim broke the bench press, deadlift, and total team record in the 264lb+ weight class. Tim squatted 793lbs, benched 529lbs, and deadlifted 717lbs. *His total of 2039lbs is the LSU Powerlifting record for the most pounds ever lifted by a current member!* Going over 2000lbs is a feat that most powerlifters over 200lbs dream of achieving and this places Tim in an elite group in the world of drug free powerlifting. Tim ultimately finished in 2nd, scoring 9 more points for the Tigers. 

Team Champions are determined by combining the points of each team’s top 5 finishers. LSU finished with 35 points securing 4th place in the Men’s team race. Congratulations to Texas A&M for winning the 2015 Men’s Team Championship.

Landon Chastant, 8th place – 93kg

Bryce Kinley, 13th place – 74kg

Damikal Crow, 16th place – 105kg

Nick Anzalone, 17th place – 74kg

Travis Theall, 18th place – 83kg

Drake Culbreth, 18th place – 105kg

Brandon Noble, 25th place – 93kg

Dominic Russo, 27th place – 83kg

Connor Alleman, 30th place – 83kg

Cooper Lemoine, 30th place – 93kg

Bomb out- Gabe Emerson – 93kg, Pat Robichaux – 105kg




The bulk of the women’s team points came on day 1. Bri Basco competed in the lowest weight class offered, 94.75lbs. Battling through injury and illness issues of her own, Bri ended up setting new sub 95lb bodyweight PRs of her own by squatting 209lbs and benching 110lbs. She totaled 568lbs and placed 2nd, giving the women 9 early points. Also lifting in the first session was Savannah Gray. She set competition PRs in her first fully geared meet with a 259lb squat, 116lb bench press, 264lb deadlift, and a 639lb total. That was good enough to place 4th scoring 7 points.

On day 2, an American 18-19 year old age division record in the 158 weight class and a team record was surpassed when Ashley Gicas, competing in the 158lb weight class bench pressed 253.5lbs. She should threaten the overall LSU Powerlifting Women’s record of 281lbs soon! Ashley totaled 931lbs and placed 9th, scoring 2 points for the team.

Day 3: Jessi Robelot, coming back from a bomb out in 2014, set geared competition PRs in each lift, totaled 898lbs, placing 9th in the 185 weight class and scoring 2 points. Raven Nichols, lifting without a squat or deadlift suit, totaled 871lbs in the 185+ weight class. That was good enough to place 8th and scored 3 points for the team.

Hannah Ghindea, 12th place – 72kg

Keya Brandon, 12th place – 84kg

Kelly Yates, 14th place – 84kg

Bomb out, Emily Fisher – 72kg, Mallory Stout – 72kg

LSU Women finished with a total of 21 points which was just short of a top 5 team placing. Congratulations to UTSA for winning the 2015 Women’s Team Championship.

Our 2015 All-Americans

A huge thanks to Recon Photography for taking amazing pictures of lifters during the competition. All of the competition photos can be seen on their Facebook page. Visit their website too!

Recon Photography’s Facebook Page

Recon Photography’s Website

With most of our members returning, both our Men’s and Women’s teams are poised to improve their team point totals next year! Tryouts will be held about 2 weeks into the Fall semester. Info on how tryouts will be conducted are posted here. Collegiate Nationals 2016 will be taking place in New England and will have a raw division included. More details will be posted as they become available. Preparations for next year’s championship began the moment our last lifter stepped off the platform. Sponsorships and donations will be needed to cover the cost of air fare to New England. Details on how to be one of our sponsors or how to donate to the team is posted here. We thank our current sponsors Katie’s Seafood Market and Tony Chachere’s Creole Foods for their assistance this year. Here is to a year of good grades, strength gains, and team bonding. And as always,



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